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We list Guides and references for Southern Utah, Zion, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada adventures.

Jared Robinson- 435-590-1137  Boy Scouts America Climbing 2 Certified, WFR (Wilderness First Responder) American Mountain Guide SPI Certified.

Jared is one of the finest guides we know, he has organized some of the largest and most efficient examples of canyoneering we’ve ever seen. Competent, fun and personable, highly recommended, no question, best all around.

  Paragon Adventures- 435-673-1709

Todd Goss is an inspiration. He has a large team (for this type of business) an ambassador for high adventure he helps almost anyone enjoy the rugged experiences of Southern Utah ethically and safely.

  Zion Adventure Company- 435-772-1001

  Zion Rock and Mountain Guides- 435-772-3303, Dean Woods

The Desert Rat

468 West St. George Blvd.
St. George, Utah 84770
Facebook – The Desert Rat

Bo Beck wrote Favorite Hikes in and Around Zion National Park with Tanya Milligan and he often can be found at The Desert Rat.

If you need equipment, advice or reference material, get Bo’s book and if you can, check with Bo about your trip, he knows the canyons!

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